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About EPR Promotions 

EPR stands for electronic PR (public relations) - aka online public relations or digital PR ( it is also the initials of my FULL NAME :)  EPR Promotions main focus is Artist PR, promoting their music digitally online through social media networks, including but not limited to Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!  

EPR Promotions comes from Paige Roberts' past decade from publishing, promoting and producing her own network and podcast known as The Paige Roberts Show on her on radio station Intercomm Radio Network where she promotes a lot of her current artists and those who follow their Facebook pages. 

Paige Roberts 

Athens, GA Native and PR Specialist with a degree in digital PR from UGA Including web design, on adobe platforms,  HTML, CSS with more than 10 years experience.  Owner and founder of EPR Promotions 

  to a lot of artists in the area, and since a lot of businesses folded on hiring bands to play music gigs and shows at their venues, artists came to her wanting to promote their music and book them gigs/shows.  Paige is also a pianist and plays for her church! 

Her main goal is to produce content for artists to promote in all places of social media networks including but not limited to Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram.  Her goal is working one on one with artists to give them the best fit, for venues and 

Norma Brown 

Booking Manager for EPR Promotions From West Virgina, Norma has a long  

history as a musician, but firstly is a columnist writer writing for a small news outlet in West Virginia. In her free time she likes spending time outdoors, and playing music.  She takes pride in providing the best booking and show experiences for our artists working one on one

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