Clabe McGuire is an award winning musician singer songwriter who has been performing gospel, country and bluegrass music in bands for over 40 years.  His songs are filled with hope, faith, heartache, joy and patriotism, and a lot of humor. 

Clabe McGuire and Rocket city Ridge is a band with a mix of beautiful harmonies and very talented musicians. 

They have been performing gospel, country and bluegrass music for 10 years  together and have become a favorite across many states.  This band performs many array of songs that originally written by Clabe and filled with a rich overtone of Bluegrass and a passion of true harmony and talent.  In Clabe's country way of saying " If this band doesn't lite your fire, your woods wet!"  This band is ready to go on the road and booking shows for 2021 and 2021!  To Book Clabe McGuire & Rocket City Ridge, fill out the form located on this page, and thank you for your support.  Click the button below to book us online today!