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If you are someone in need of a press kit or media kit, you've come to the right place.  Like I've said, I want to be able to help you all and while Facebook may let you promote some things it just doesn't cut it because after a while when you start getting noticed, Facebook will not let you promote even your own music. That is the purpose for this website.  I hope you will join me and support my work, I want this website to be very user friendly and I am always here if you need the help! 

Steve Coughlin
With Probable Cause

Purple Photo Background Festival Music F

Steve Coughlin, BMI Recording Artist, singer/songwriter, calls Hartwell, GA, his home base. Crystal clear waters and Whispering Pines create the pristine backdrop on which he paints his Smooth Southern Sound.

The Finley
River Boys


The Finley River Boys are an acoustic music group, based in Springfield Missouri. We perform traditional bluegrass, country and old-time gospel music.

Clabe McGuire & 

Clabe McGuire is an award winning musician singer songwriter who has been performing gospel, country and bluegrass music in bands for over 40 years.  


What Is A Press Kit? 

Press kits (also known as media kits) help explain the core facts of your company your music, your social media gists to journalists, reporters and the media in general in a neat, digestible package. The idea is that anyone visiting your press kit can figure out the key people, key facts and key information about your business without having to speak to you.

Better yet, they can download the what they need for their story without having to email you first and then sit around waiting for a response.  This saves their time and yours, whilst drastically improving your public relations without too much effort on your part.


This is why PR event handlers love press kits. They save time, are to the point and highlight all of the information that matters to the press all without having to decipher company terminology and endless marketing speak.

Having a press kit at the point of GO also saves you time running around to put together content when you get a call for a breaking gig or venue who'd like to know more about you and your story or a last-minute information request.

What Is Included In Your Media Kit