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Johnny Cash Barnett


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How I Became Johnny "Cash" Barnett

Is this,  that I used to play guitar every night after school to practice. I played the first couple bands as a rhythm guitarist after high school then I found a band that was playing out more often so I stayed with that one for awhile until I got my confidence up and started singing but the leader of that band kept on taking my words of the songs I thought were best on the radio from my folder and said I’ll be singing these ! So the next song I remembered it in my head ( where am I gonna live) and the leader said where’s that song ? I said I memorized it and he said well you’re not going to sing it, so l left that day and came back brought a Pa head down into his practice after a week! Set up my Pa head and he said wow that’s good wattage head there do speakers come with it? I said yes they are at home I’m here to tell you something “ what’s that he said? “ I’m starting my own band, he lol and I said yup and your lead guitarist is coming with me goodbye! So I just needed that little push and here I am playing The circuit Pottstown, Birdsboro VFW s and fairs

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