An Old Time Rock N Roll Band With A blend of authentic classic rock swagger

Carla LeFever — a performer who’s coming clawing up from the '70s, keeping all of that decade’s best, least Bee Gees-like inflections — is performing again in the Classic City where she has lately become a staple, ever-backed by her horn-toting Rays. (red&black) 

Classic Rock Swagger by T. Rex, Quiet Riot, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, Heart are easily types of Classic Rock Swagger from the 80's of the Old Rock N Roll band groups.  The sound we thought had disappeared along with the 70's and 80's Rock n Roll, but Carla LeFever, the founder of her Retro Sonic band has held true to their own in keeping the old rock n roll alive.  

The Retro Sonic band originating out of Athens Georgia from Carla's first band Carla LeFever & The Rays has brought shows at venues throughout the state of Georgia and now with Covid winding down this group is all ready to set up and go again.